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Infiniti Announces Shift to All-New Model Naming Convention

December 20th, 2012

Infiniti Shifts to New Model Name Structure Starting For 2014

As Infiniti continues its rapid worldwide expansion and prepares for a blitz of new product in the next 2 model years, Nissan’s luxury brand has announced a paradigm shift to a new model name structure.

Since the brand’s start in 1989 with the Q45 luxury sedan, Infiniti has used a letter designation for each of its model lines, followed by a two-digit number representing the vehicle’s engine displacement. Starting next year for the 2014 model year, this will change across the board.

Infiniti New Model Name Structure InfographicEach passenger car will now be titled “Q”, with a two-digit designation representing the individual model. SUVs and crossovers will use the prefix “QX”, followed by a two-digit number signifying each model.

That means the G Sedan, in its new generation set to debut next month at the Detroit Auto Show, will now be the Q50. Current G Coupe and G Convertible cars will be renamed Q60, while flagship M Sedan lineup will now be called the Q70.

For SUVs, the lineup will start with the QX50, formerly the EX. The JX 7-passenger crossover will now be the QX60, the FX sport-cross will be the QX70, and the full-size current QX56 luxury SUV will be renamed QX80. AWD models will no longer have an “X” tacked on at the end of the model name.

Infiniti’s rationale stems in large part from other automakers already holding the trademarks for names that would have otherwise been used for the expanded lineup. Another just-revealed juicy tidbit: the Q70 flagship sedan will soon debut in an ultra-high-performance trim, with a boosted 3.0-liter V6 making 550 horsepower. Wow!