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Want to be a Car Designer? Read This Interview.

May 30th, 2013

Inhabitat Intereviews Ford Motor Company's J Mays

Want to know what it takes to rise to the top of the ultra-competitive auto design industry? Check out this exclusive interview from our colleagues at Inhabitat. Ford Motor Company VP of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer J Mays has worked for more than 3 decades as one of the world’s premiere automotive designers.  In the interview, Mays talks classic designs, architecture, hybrid and electric cars, and the future of Ford.

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2013 Ford Fusion Energi: Fuel Economy, Pricing and Release Date

February 27th, 2013

2013 Ford Fusion Energi: Pricing, Range, MPG, Specs and Release Date

The just-released new 2013 Ford Fusion Energi couldn’t be called inexpensive, but thanks to a solid electric-only drive range and good fuel efficiency, Ford’s latest plug-in hybrid sedan still makes a good value proposition for those with a heavy commute.

Starting with the expertly styled and spacious new Fusion midsize, Ford adds a plug-in hybrid system featuring a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder plus electric motor and eCVT automatic transmission, drawing power from a 7.6-kWH lithium-ion battery pack. The system outputs 195 max horsepower for ample power delivery as the fuel savings start to add up.

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Ford Recalls Fusion and Escape With EcoBoost 1.6-liter, Details Fix

December 11th, 2012

Ford Recalls 1.6 Liter EcoBoost Engine on Escape and FusionFord Motor Company has issued a recall for all model-year 2013 Fusion sedan and Escape crossover models fitted with the brand’s 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. Certain operating conditions could lead the turbocharged four-cylinder to overheat and catch on fire while running, and Ford urges owners to park their vehicles and visit the dealer for a free rental car until the fix can be performed.

From Ford’s official press release:

“To fix the condition, Ford will make software updates to the cooling system of the 1.6-liter engine available in the SE and SEL models of the 2013 Ford Escape and 2013 Ford Fusion. The software updates will better manage engine temperatures during a unique overheating condition that could occur under unique operating conditions. The original cooling system design was not able to address a loss of coolant system pressure under certain operating conditions, which could lead to a vehicle fire while the engine was running.”

All told, the recall affects 89,153 Escape and Fusion cars. Only vehicles with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine option are included. This marks the fourth time the new-for-2013 Escape has been recalled, with three of those recalls to address separate fire risk issues related to the 1.6-liter EcoBoost.

Ford Recall Contacts

Find your local Ford dealer.
Check your VIN# here to see if your Ford is affected.
Ford Customer Service Hotline: 866-436-7332
NHTSA Auto Safety Hotline: 888-327-4236


2013 Ford Fusion Wins Green Car of the Year

December 10th, 2012

2013 Ford Fusion Wins 2013 Green Car of the YearThe all-new 2013 Ford Fusion has been named the 2013 Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal, the go-to source for alt-vehicle news edited by industry expert Ron Cogan. In choosing the Fusion, judges not only took into account the Fusion Hybrid and upcoming Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid variations, but the less-expensive plain ol’ gas version that’s still quite efficient thanks to direct injection and turbocharging technologies making the most of just 1.6 liters of displacement.

“It won by virtue of the fact that it offers an array of choices,” said Cogan. “This is huge.”

Judges ignored vehicles like the Fisker Karma and Tesla Model S because GCOTY is only offered to vehicles that carry base prices within reach of a wide range of consumers, and with full national availability. The Fusion, which starts at just $22,495, certainly fits the bill and comes with an advanced suite of new safety and convenience features to back up its green car cred.

The field of finalists for the 2013 award included the Dodge Dart Aero, Ford C-Max Hybrid, Mazda CX-5 and Toyota Prius c. Last year’s winner was the Honda Civic Natural Gas.


Motor Trend Tests 2013 Ford Fusion

September 27th, 2012

Ford fan or not, it’s clear immediately upon looking at the new 2013 Ford Fusion that it’s one stunner of a design. It appears as if the totally redesigned family sedan is squat back on its rear haunches, ready to pounce forward with momentum at a moment’s notice. But looks are only skin deep, and quickly become an afterthought when put to a poor car. Just ask Jaguar of 10 years ago. The real question is: how does the new Fusion drive?

We’re not privy to test drives and road tests, so we’ll turn to the folks over at Motor Trend for that.  They put the 1.6-EcoBoost, 2.0-EcoBoost and Fusion Hybrid models through their paces and sampled both the six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions, and found lots to like. There’s also a Duratec 2.5-liter four-cylinder to be had, but Ford anticipates the 1.6-EcoBoost turbocharged four will be the volume seller.

Despite its small displacement, the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine makes 178 horsepower and hustles the 3,300-lb. Fusion SE M/T to 60 mph in 8.0 seconds, while the 2.0-turbo Fusion Titanium takes just 6.8 seconds and the 47-mpg Hybrid takes 8.5. Braking from 60 to 0 comes in 116-120 feet, depending on trim level.

2013 Ford Fusion Tested: Interior Overview

On-road manners are well-controlled and predictable, though the new electronic-assisted power steering system draws some complaints, feeling somewhat artificial especially in the Fusion Hybrid. Overall driving impressions were positive if now glowing: this is no sports car, but it will furnish its owners with more smiles than the Plane Jane Camry, and we commend Ford for offering traditional manual transmissions for those who prefer to shift their own gears.

Ford has begun shipping the first examples of the $21,700 (plus destination) family sedan, and you should start seeing them at your local dealer by early October. The Fusion Hybrid ($27,200) goes on sale simultaneously, and at 47 combined mpg has been rated the most efficient sedan in America.