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2014.5 Ford Mustang Coming Soon?

July 22nd, 2013

Ford Mustang 50th Annversary Logo: 2014 1/2 Models

When the totally redesigned new Ford Mustang hits your local Ford dealership some time in 2014, approximately 50 years will have passed since the original pony car took the American public by storm in 1964 in route to huge sales numbers and a cult following that exists to this day.

What better way to celebrate 50 years of Mustang than with a limited-run model to commemorate the late-year original Mustang, usually referred to as the 1964 1/2?

Ford will do just that, enthusiast community Mustangs Daily says, with a 1,000-unit early production run of 50th Anniversary cars, and yes, they will be called the “2014 1/2″.

Citing “inside sources at Ford”, the publication says the first 1,000 cars will get special build numbers and VIN numbers as well as commemorative features sure to make them hot commodities on the collector car market of the future. The next Mustang, which bears the internal chassis code “S550″, will feature modern styling, revised versions of Ford’s current high-performance V6 and V8 engines, and for the first time ever on regular production Mustangs, a fully independent rear suspension.

2014 1/2 Ford Mustang Spy Shots Full Camo Rear Quarter View

Look for the 2014 1/2 Ford Mustang at Ford dealers in time for Summer 2014. Pricing should start at right around $23,000 for the V6 model, though if you want the 50th Anniversary Edition, expect to pay dearly for the privilege of such exclusivity.

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