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BMW 1-Series and 3-Series >>> BMW 2-Series and 4-Series

June 14th, 2011

BMW 2-Series 4-Series Name Change

The trusted auto journalists at CAR Magazine report on an interesting story regarding BMW’s future badge naming strategy. Evidence points to a shift in two-door coupe and convertible models to even-numbered names. The 1-Series-based coupe and convertible variants would become the 2-Series, while two-door 3-Series-based models would now be called the 4-Series. A four-door coupe 4-Series variant was also suggested. The new even-numbered models would be sportier than the standard 1- and 3-Series.

The strategy has worked for Audi, whose Audi A5 coupe and convertible line has moved up-market from the four-door A4 on which it is based. BMW could not only differentiate the 2-Series and 4-Series as more distinctive models but could charge a higher price premium coming with the added sporting caché.

BMW 1-Series M-Coupe M2

Will the 1M become the M2?

CAR lays out a timetable for the new model lines, with the all-new 4-Series coupes set to release in mid-2013 followed by the 4-Series convertible in Spring 2014. The 2-Series would replace the outgoing 1-Series as a coupe in early 2013, followed by the 2-Series convertible in Summer 2014.

This would also explain the 1-Series M Coupe’s single model year of production. BMW has applied for a trademark on the name “M2″ which further supports the naming transition and hints at an M-Powered BMW compact in the not-so-distant future after all.


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