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Toyota Offering 0% APR on 11 Popular Models

October 3rd, 2008

Stop the presses!  Toyota is offering interest-free loans on 11 of their best-selling vehicles: Camry, Corolla, Tundra, Matrix, RAV4, Highlander, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Sequoia, Sienna and Tacoma.  That’s a deal for the ages, and will save you loads of cash since you’re not paying interest on the loan to purchase the vehicle.  We could go on for hours about how well-made and reliable Toyota vehicles are, but we’d rather give you more time to research and decide exactly which Toyota model you want to buy.  You could go with the Corolla, a car that has enough space for five adults and is fuel-efficient enough to get 27 MPG in the city and an whopping 35 MPG on the highway.  Or, you can get the mighty Tundra, which has space to haul cargo and passengers, as well as the occasional stack of plywood or ATV.  Then we have the Sienna , a minivan that sports a 3.5-liter 266-horsepower V6 under the hood.  Our choice?  All of them.  But if we only had one, we’d opt for the Camry, because it does everything, and does it well.  Ok, and maybe the trendy FJ Cruiser, too (we just can’t choose one…it’s too hard).  But the deals aren’t going to last.  The final day is November 3rd, 2008.  So you have a little less than a month to get the financing deal every Toyota shopper has been waiting for. 


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